Monday, January 16, 2012

X-Men Legacy #260.1

X-Men Legacy enters the "Regenesis" era with Christos Gage as its writer, with a football game, and with Rogue and company settling in at the school as faculty members.  Using an N'Garai invasion as the catalyst, the issue's purpose is to define the team's role.  Rogue has become not just a mentor, but also a protector to the students, and her promise is to ensure they get the full academic experience with some sense of normalcy.  The story also touches briefly on the Guthrie siblings, and has huge developments for Frenzy and Gambit.  The pencils by David Baldeon are average, but are enhanced by nice ink and color work.  Nothing says "filler issue" like those "point one" books, so it was not the best idea for it to be the new creative team's inaugural issue; however, it will be easy for new readers to come on board, as characters and situations are nicely introduced.

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