Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Avengers #21

As expected, The Avengers continues its run as the title for preludes, tie-ins, and aftermaths.  Under the banner "Shattered Heroes", the book is riding on the fumes of "Fear Itself" for as long as possible before getting on board the "A vs. X" train. This story is a repetition of last issue's events:  Spider Woman and Hawkeye had fallen; here, there is more of the same.  Storm and Hulk had fallen as well; here, there is more of the same.  Noh-Varr had been defeated by Iron Man; here, there is more of the same.  The only non-repetitive sequence featured Captain America, and that took half the issue to be told, in what was the most blatant intentional waste of space just to be done with the 20 pages for this month.  It was evident this issue was just filler to make time in preparation for the next big thing; the story did not advance an inch.

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