Thursday, January 19, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #5

This issue of GLC takes a militaristic approach as Guy Gardner assembles a squadron composed of badasses to rescue John Stewart and the other captured lanterns from the Keepers.  Although the story by Peter J. Tomasi is more of a set up for what's to come next, it does a nice job in showing the development of group dynamics, and the different phases of Guy's plan as it comes together.  Also, a nice double spread explains the origin of the Keepers in a clean and simple manner, without overcomplicating things.  Fernando Pasarin's pencils are extremely detailed; yet, he manages not to make the panels seem saturated or busy, while Gabe Eltaeb with his colors achieves a balanced palette despite all the green he is forced to work with.  With a cinematic feel to it, "Mean Machine" is the best issue of the series thus far, and the one that clearly shows the title has found a solid footing.

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