Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Firestorm #5

First the good: The art team of Yildiray Cinar, Norm Rapmund, and Steve Buccellato continues delivering a great visual experience full of motion and vivid colors.  The mad Firestorm from Qurac adds yet another layer, another point of view to a mix where each party believes they are on the right side. Finally, Pozhar, the Firestorm from Russia who debuted last month, returns in this issue to deliver his  questionable brand of justice.  Now the not-so-good: The writing team cannot talk teenage language and should stop trying to do it.  Even though Jason and Ronnie are young and probably impressionable, their acceptance of Zither's offer was absolutely unrealistic; after the events of the previous four issues, anyone with two ounces of heroism in them would have not even considered it. Jason's scene with his father seemed taken from "The Stepford Wives." Below average issue.

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