Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Batman #5

Stretch your neck muscles everybody, and get ready for a surreal experience.  So early in the year, and Batman #5 already looks like the best book of 2012.  "Face the Court" is so good that it just should not be allowed.  The emotional intensity, the desperation, the sheer madness of it are so enthralling, that each page in its crazy beauty becomes a tendril that ensnares readers until there is no escape; just like what the Court of Owls is doing to Batman.  I don't think I have ever felt this uncomfortable or disturbed (in a good way, if there is such a thing) after reading a comic; and that talks volumes of its creators.  Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's carefulness in crafting each panel of this issue is evident; from Siggy to Damian, and all the psychological thrill in between, this issue was a true masterpiece.

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