Monday, January 9, 2012

Action Comics #5

If you don't know Superman's secret origin, you don't deserve having it explained to you; with that said, this issue of Action Comics provides an updated origin for the man of steel, courtesy of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert.  This version of the story does not diverge much from previous iterations, except for some minor details; the biggest changes affect other characters such as Krypto and Brainiac, but even then, they respect what came before.  Having Andy Kubert in this interlude was a welcome surprise, as his pencils alone are enough reason to buy a book; and Delperdang's inks and Anderson's colors made them even better.  Another pleasant surprise was the fact that Morrison kept in continuity one important phase in Kal-El's formative years, that not only helped him become a better hero, but also gave way to one of the most enduring legacies in the DC Universe.  "Rocket Song" was a great issue!

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