Friday, January 6, 2012

Hawk and Dove #5

Sterling Gates and Rob Liefeld present Hawk and Dove's final fight against Condor in "Cages and Crossroads".  I don't know what happened here.  So far the arc had a defined pace and it was building up towards an explosive confrontation for the soul of Deadman; but suddenly, it was as if two issues had been crammed into one and the important stuff was taken out, leaving only the weird, disjointed parts; very little of it made sense.  On the plus side, there was character development and additional details were revealed about Hawk and Dove's history in this new continuity; we also learn that Dawn is very special, even for super hero standards, and that something dark may be lurking inside her; this gives her depth and sparks interest.  I also liked the art as a whole: pencils, inks, and colors were very good.  Although rushed in its final leg, the arc concluded the only way it could have ended, given the premise of the story.

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