Monday, December 12, 2011

Action Comics #4

The debut of the man of steel in Metropolis continues in a story written by Grant Morrison.  Taking the spotlight from Superman, another hero makes his first appearance in public: Dr. John Henry Irons (only the coolest name ever) a.k.a. Steel.  While Morrison establishes the character as a member of the Superman family, Sholly Fisch gives Steel his own motives and inspiration to become a hero in the backup story; both writer doing more for Irons in this one issue than other creators did in the past few years.  About the rest of the story, it felt rehashed, considering that two arcs featuring Brainiac bottling cities have been published in less than three years.  Very solid art by Rags Morales in the main story and Brad Walker in the back-up.  Minor complaint: Why was Superman's shirt almost white instead of blue?

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