Monday, December 26, 2011

Wonder Woman #4

Like it used to be back in the not-so-old day, Diana gets her thunder stolen from her by the supporting characters in her own title.  Undoubtedly, the most intense parts of "Blood" were played by the Queen of the amazons and the Queen of the gods.  Hera's presence was magnificently portrayed in this issue; she is a force to be feared, and this fact was well conveyed in the writing and the art; while the burden on Hippolyta's shoulders, her remorse, and her anguish were almost palpable in every page.  From beginning to end, the events on Paradise Island were superbly written by Azzarello, while the art perfectly reflected how horrifying, depressing, and inevitable the situation was.  Conversely, Wonder Woman's side of the story seemed lackluster and of little contribution to the story.  Let's hope Diana's role is vindicated in issue #5.

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