Friday, December 30, 2011

The Dark Knight #4

Batman's tour through his rogue's gallery in search of the one responsible for the newest toxin in town, takes him to Poison Ivy's lab where he finds further clues.  Many things I liked about this issue: It connected this series' events to those of Detective Comics, it continued the parade of super hero guests, and it used the fear theme of the arc to get inside the Dark Knight's head and let us know his aprehensions through inner dialogue that was very well written.  The sense that Batman is falling and dragging everyone he cares for with him is evident, so let's hope that with everything that's going on, Paul Jenkins and David Finch follow up on all of it.  The art was pretty good, especially the colors by Jeromy Cox, who despite using the whole palette, was able to convey a somber and mysterious atmosphere.  Great issue overall.

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