Sunday, December 11, 2011

Huntress #3

The adventures of Huntress in Italy continue in the third chapter of "Crossbow at the Crossroads."  Helena's search for Moretti is forcing her to deal with more dangers than initially expected, and as in real life, corruption goes all the way up to the highest circles of government.  Her hunt is about to make her clash with even heads of state; a very dangerous game for her opponents, but even more so for her.  In this issue, more than in previous ones, the scenary comes to the forefront; Marcus To does an excellent job illustrating streets and landmarks of Pompeii, giving the story an absolute Mediterranean flavor and a unique identity.  His action scenes are also great; you can see how well coreographed they are when you don't question how the character when from one position to another between panels.  Another great issue!

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