Thursday, December 22, 2011

Batman #4

The soon to be classic "Court of Owls" takes a break to visit Memory Lane in a story written by Scott Snyder.  This issue reveals Batman's reasons to deny the existence of the legendary order, and is an excellent jumping point for anyone who was not following the series from the start, as the events from the past three issues are summarized in a reader friendly manner that also helps the story move forward by putting lots of pieces together. My favorite moment was the reveal of the rhyme itself, which was very ah-ha! and creepy at the same time; but the question remains... has the Court existed all along, or is someone making it look like it has?  Greg Capullo continues rocking in the art department, and although his civilian faces are kind of funny looking, his action panels are just amazing.  The flashback sequences are enjoyable as they are presented as an old film; all in all, this was a very well done issue.

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