Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Defenders #1

Just when you think Marvel cannot saturate the market with yet another event tie-in, a line in page number two of this book says it all: "It can always get worse."  A new iteration of the classic team is born from the aftermath of "Fear Itself" in an attempt to milk the event cow to its last drop.  Written by Matt Fraction, this group comes together to stop a creature that embodies all the negative aspects of the Hulk.  Namor and Doctor Strange's motivations to help out go in direct contradiction to their actions prior to "World War Hulk"; where was that empathy when you decided to shoot the Hulk off planet?  Silver Surfer is a character I don't fully understand, so I don't know why he is joining the team; it certainly looks like is due to the fact that he arrived to Earth five minutes ago, which is a tired plot used to death with the herald of Galactus.  And this new She-Hulk is one of the most redundant-have-no-reason-for-it characters to ever exist.  I will be seriously offended if this title gets past issue #8 while Alpha Flight gets cancelled.

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