Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Justice League #4

The genesis of the greatest superhero team continues courtesy of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.  If there was a soul out there that by the end of Aquaman #1 wasn't convinced that the Sea King is a badass, then this issue will take care of it.  Aquaman's place among the DC pantheon is cemented in the fourth instalment of "Justice League", and not even big-mouth Jordan can argue with it.  From Cyborg's ongoing origin, to Green Lantern's lasso incident, to Batman's off-panel laughter, this issue was filled with character development, action, and light moments, right before the big cliffhanger.  There is still some misuse of space with too many splash pages and lack of dialog and text, that otherwise would have been helpful to get inside the heroes' heads and see what they think of each other.  A solid issue, but not the best of the four published to date.

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