Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Ray #1

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray present the newest incarnation of a legacy character in the DCnU.  Thing with #1 issues of a new character is that most of the content is dedicated to backstory and introductions; here, the reader does not have to be concerned with that, as the story skips the boring part and jumps right into the meaty stuff; this keeps the attention focused on the hero while the inner monologue provides characterization.  Without the shadow of a doubt, I am positive we will hear great things of artist Jamal Igle; his pencils are just great: well defined, detailed, and dynamic; DC needs to sign him up quickly before someone else gets him.  This new Ray is likeable and relatable, and if the title is intended for younger readers, it will not be hard for it to find its niche.  I hope he starts interacting with the rest of the DCnU soon because he is a keeper.

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