Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Detective Comics #4

Issue #4 of Detective Comics cordially invited its readers to "The Main Event" and I was glad to R.S.V.P. Tony Daniel concludes this first arc with a huge, well paced confrontation between Batman and Dollmaker's minions, and although many questions remain unanswered -such as the identity of Dollmaker and his boss-, the story successfully introduces a new nemesis loaded with creepy helpers, and consolidates Gordon as an important part of the book.  Daniel also delivers in the art department with the help of Florea's inks and Morey's colors, putting together a pretty dark and exciting story that has set the tone for the series.  The last page makes the arc come full circle with a dangling mystery, and sets the stage for the next adventure.  As haunting as that last panel is, I am even more intrigued by whether this series really takes place in the present or not.

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  1. Oh my God!!! Joker's face... I wanna find out what happens next with it!