Wednesday, December 28, 2011

X-Men Legacy #260

Rogue makes up her mind in the second part of "Half a Step" by Mike Carey, which is also the final issue of X-Men Legacy by this writer.  There are no big surprises here as the southern belle's decision to go to Wolverine's gold team has been known for months, so this story is more about her reasoning behind that choice.  There are also developments for minor characters, such as the return of Ariel, a farewell for Korvus, and some vindication for Hellion.  Going back to Rogue, I used to be a fan of she pairing up with Magneto, but now I find the whole thing just creepy; he's like 40 years her senior!  Anyway, her departure from Utopia was  explained to satisfaction.  The art by Khoi Pham was okay; it felt flat and kind of forgettable, but it reminded me at times of Paul Smith's old run in Uncanny X-Men.  Verdict: an average issue for an average run.

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